Each video segment is associated with one or more exercises intended for you to test your own understanding, which are provided as Swirl interactive R quizzes.

Installing Swirl

To install Swirl, go to any interactive R terminal and type


Then install this class's quizzes with the line:

install_course_github("dgrtwo", "RData", branch="quizzes", multi=TRUE)

Taking a Quiz

Once you've finished one of the videos and you wish to take the associated quiz, you simply start swirl:


You'll be prompted for your name and informed of the basics of how Swirl works. Soon you'll reach a page that looks like:

| Please choose a course, or type 0 to exit swirl.

1: Lesson 1. Variables and Data Structures
2: Lesson 2. Visualizing Data Using ggplot2
3: Lesson 3. Statistical Testing and Prediction
4: Lesson 4. Exploratory Data Analysis with data.table
5: Take me to the swirl course repository!


Choose whichever lesson you are currently taking, and you'll get to choose which quiz to take:

| Please choose a lesson, or type 0 to return to course menu.

1: Segment 2.1 Introduction
2: Segment 2.2 Scatter Plots
3: Segment 2.3 Faceting and Additional Options
4: Segment 2.4 Histograms and Density Plots
5: Segment 2.5 Boxplots and Violin Plots
6: Segment 2.6 Input- Getting Data into the Right Format
7: Segment 2.7 Output- Saving Your Plots


Each of these is a quiz corresponding to one video segment. Simply select the quiz you wish to take and it will start.

For more information on Swirl, please see here.

Note: The quizzes within each lesson rely on information from previous quizzes from that lesson, so we strongly recommend you take them in order. However; in the case where you need variables computed in previous quizzes, those values will be loaded for you at the start of the quiz, even if you've closed or cleared R since you took the last quiz.