All functions

difference_join() difference_inner_join() difference_left_join() difference_right_join() difference_full_join() difference_semi_join() difference_anti_join()

Join two tables based on absolute difference between their columns

distance_join() distance_inner_join() distance_left_join() distance_right_join() distance_full_join() distance_semi_join() distance_anti_join()

Join two tables based on a distance metric of one or more columns

fuzzy_join() fuzzy_inner_join() fuzzy_left_join() fuzzy_right_join() fuzzy_full_join() fuzzy_semi_join() fuzzy_anti_join()

Join two tables based not on exact matches, but with a function describing whether two vectors are matched or not

genome_join() genome_inner_join() genome_left_join() genome_right_join() genome_full_join() genome_semi_join() genome_anti_join()

Join two tables based on overlapping genomic intervals: both a

geo_join() geo_inner_join() geo_left_join() geo_right_join() geo_full_join() geo_semi_join() geo_anti_join()

Join two tables based on a geo distance of longitudes and latitudes

interval_join() interval_inner_join() interval_left_join() interval_right_join() interval_full_join() interval_semi_join() interval_anti_join()

Join two tables based on overlapping (low, high) intervals


A corpus of common misspellings, for examples and practice

regex_join() regex_inner_join() regex_left_join() regex_right_join() regex_full_join() regex_semi_join() regex_anti_join()

Join two tables based on a regular expression in one column matching the other

stringdist_join() stringdist_inner_join() stringdist_left_join() stringdist_right_join() stringdist_full_join() stringdist_semi_join() stringdist_anti_join()

Join two tables based on fuzzy string matching of their columns