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I was horrified to learn of the existence of the monetizr package, which adds advertisements to R functions. The package goes against the entire philosophy of open source and the spirit of the R community.

Luckily, I was able to construct a fix- the adblockr package.

Use freely to get an ad-free experience

For example, imagine someone locked the useful multiply_by_two function behind an annoying ad:


multiply_by_two <- function(x) {
  x * 2

multiply_by_two <- marketably(multiply_by_two,
                              "This is an awful, distracting ad")

## This is an awful, distracting ad
## [1] 20

The adblockr package offers the freely adverb, which converts the multiply_by_two function back to give you an ad-free experience:


multiply_by_two <- freely(multiply_by_two)
## [1] 10

The package also includes the block_all function for removing all ads from a package. For example, once the next version of broom is monetized, you can block all ads in the package with:



If enough of us use this, it will hopefully send a message to the greedy monetizr maintainer that ads have no place in R.